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List of specialist schools and city academies.

Welcome to the Trust for Specialist Schools

At the Trust for Specialist Schools, we have high personal and academic expectations for our students and are proud of the varied and challenging learning opportunities that are provided them.

Our educational approach arises out of the best of government and independent education systems, as well as the best practice in international education. As a result, all of our students are provided with an education that prepares them to enter a schooling system anywhere.

We prepare and continually review our teaching programmes to provide the highest possible standards of education in order that our pupils achieve their full potential. We seek to take advantage of new developments in technology and prepare pupil for the increasing use of electronic data access and processing. It is vital to us to encourage imagination and develop creative talents.

We guarantee to keep our materials relevant to the lives of our pupils in a changing world. Every teacher strives to make pupils aware that all human activity has consequences for the world environment and that personal decisions should be informed by a critical awareness of environmental concerns. They also to encourage pupils to see the difference between fact and opinion.

The Trust for Specialist Schools tries to provide opportunities and information to enable young people to make choices to maintain health, fitness and social well-being, and also to offer all students equality of opportunity.

We attempt to provide a curriculum which enables students to become members of a society free from all forms of prejudice and discrimination, as well as bookmark within each student a sense of initiative, independence, a sense of self worth and the confidence to be self critical, and to encourage the greatest possible success in public examinations and to give students maximum flexibility of future career choice.
We aim to prepare students for further academic success, and equip them with skills for employment. We ensure the provision of a wide, varied and balanced programme of study, written with an international audience in mind whose first language may not be English. It provides a balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, taking account of differing abilities. Students are rewarded for positive achievements.

The Trust for Specialist Schools is committed to ensuring that each student has the best possible opportunity to achieve his or her potential and that boys and girls have equal access to all aspects of the curriculum. The basic aim of the Trust for Specialist Schools' favoured curriculum is to build upon the firm foundation provided through a student’s previous exposure to their standard school curriculum by providing a broad and balanced education, which utilises the best educational practice in small teaching groups.

The Trust for Specialist Schools provides information about developments within the Specialist Schools sector.

At the Trust for Specialist Schools, our principles include helping students to develop lively, enquiring minds, encouraging the ability to question and argue rationally and confronting them with challenging mental and physical tasks in order to ensure the highest possible level of achievement.

We also look to ensure students are taught respect for each other, for religious and moral values and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life, as well as the ability to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to adult life in a rapidly changing world. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

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